Nipple confusion


How soon can I start pumping?

Pumping breast milk in the first few weeks after delivery can be helpful for stimulating a new mom's breast milk production. But before feeding the expressed breast milk to your baby in a bottle, be sure that breastfeeding is well established so as to avoid nipple confusion.

Nipple confusion

If a bottle is given to a newborn before breastfeeding is solidly established, the baby might develop "nipple confusion", and then prefer to take the bottle instead of the breast. While this is certainly a frustrating situation for a new mom committed to breastfeeding exclusively, nipple confusion does not have to mean an end to breastfeeding.

Increasing breast milk supply

For those of you who might be "struggling" to produce enough breast milk for your growing infant, sometimes just following a few simple steps can get your breast milk flowing again.

Nipple Confusion

Nipple confusion can occur if a baby is offered artificial nipples before or soon after starting to breastfeed. It is much harder to get milk from a breast than from a bottle. When breastfeeding, baby must open her mouth very wide and use her jaw muscles and her tongue to draw milk from the breast. She also usually has to wait a little for let-down to occur.

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