Fussy baby


Can I eat gassy foods?

When your baby is fussy after nursing, it can certainly cause you to wonder if something you are eating is causing gas or discomfort in your little one. While many nursing moms can eat whatever they want, some moms do find that certain foods cause discomfort in their baby.

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Increasing breast milk supply

For those of you who might be "struggling" to produce enough breast milk for your growing infant, sometimes just following a few simple steps can get your breast milk flowing again.

Which foods cause my baby's tummy to hurt?

There is nothing more disheartening for a nursing mom than a chronically fussy baby, especially when she thinks the fussiness might be caused by something she is eating.

Nursing Strike

You and your baby have been happily breastfeeding for three or four months when suddenly baby refuses the breast. Nursing strikes are not uncommon for babies three to five months old. New moms often think that baby is self-weaning, but this is rarely the case with babies under a year old. There are many reasons that baby may stop breastfeeding. Here are some things to consider:

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